Andrew Lichtenstein

Selected Publications

On the dying days of West Virginia's coal country, Al Jazeera, 2015

Image selection for Memorial Day for the New York Times, 2015

The West Bank village of Wadi Fukin, Mondo Weiss, 2014

New York State's prison boot camps, Al Jazeera, 2013

Copper mining in Arizona, The Stand, 2013

Series on American Indians, NBC News, 2012

More of my work from the American History series:

An American Place. A Story about droughts in the American heartland photographed for Leica on the high plains of Western Nebraska:

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To listen to audio stories of families who have lost a loved one in Iraq, please visit:

Iraq War: Love and Personal Loss. An interview with Andrew Lichtenstein about the project “Never Coming Home"
Iraq War- Love and Personal Loss

Texas Prison Tattoo

For Eric Schlosser’s groundbreaking article on the prison industrial complex, please visit:

For a selection of images from Death Row, please visit:
Washington Post | Photo

For Dan Collison’s audio on the daily release of prisoners in Huntsville, Texas, please visit:
NPR's All Things Considered

Witness to an Execution. Audio about Texas’ Death Row from Sound Portraits